seeds and cuttings for urban futures

Urban | adjective


 \ ˈər-bən \

                                                         1.   of, relating to, or designating a city


                                                      2.   living, located, or taking place in a city

Arboretum | noun

 \ ˌär-bə-ˈrē-təm \ 

1.    a large garden where many types of tree are grown,                     for people to look at and to be studied for scientific purposes

2.    a collection of specimen trees from which seeds and cuttings        can easily be gathered as part of a living collection

Urboretum | noun

 \ ˈər-bə-ˈrē-təm \ 

a large garden of ideas cultivating the city with

 ecology anthropology | art | design 

 co-founded by

alexa hagerty | meredith root-bernstein


open to all 

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