Centres and peripheries:  

 reconfiguring post-covid 19 urban landscapes 

9.00 - 9.15  


Alexa Hagerty and Meredith Root-Bernstein, Co-founders of Urboretum

Opening words by   matthew lodge, UK deputy Ambassador to France

9.15 - 10.00  


 Lesley Green (University of Cape Town)  - bio

Anthropologist and environmental humanities scholar, author of the recent book Rock | Water | Life, which examines the interwoven realities of inequality, racism, colonialism, and environmental destruction in South Africa. Her talk is titled “The False Bay Coast of Cape Town: A Critical Zone.”

10.00 - 10.15  


10.15 - 10.50  


 Simone Farresin (Formafantasma)  - bio 

Co-founder of Formafantasma design, and co-leader of the GEODesign masters course at the Eindhoven Design Academy, NL; co-curator of the exhibition ‘Cambio’ at the Serpentine Galleries (London). He will present on “Bringing global ecological concerns into design practice.”

10.50 - 11.00  


11.00 - 12.15  

 session 1 - Panels and roundtables 

[PARALLEL SESSIONS | Click Here for panel info]

Connecting: Conservation and Resilience 

(English only)


Vanessa Reid, Global Environments Network 

Lara Mani, University of Cambridge 

Designing: Governance and the Good City

Marten Boekelo and Sylvia Breukers, DuneWorks

Mary Ann Kong, Environmental Policy Consultant

Raphaël Languillon, Université de Genève

Catharine Ward Thompson, University of Edinburgh


Evaluating: Mapping Urban Futures

Benoit Martin and Eric Verdeil, Atelier de Cartographie, Science Po

Louise Francis, Mapping for Change

Alexandra Albert, University College London

12.15 - 13.00  

Lunch Break  

13.00 - 13.45  


 Emanuele Coccia (EHESS, France)  - bio 

Emanuele Coccia is a philosopher known in particular for his work on plants and his cross-disciplinary collaborations with architects, artists, and designers. He is the author of The life of plants and Métamorphoses.  

13.45 - 15.00  

 session 2 - Panels and roundtables 

[PARALLEL SESSIONS | click here for panel info]

15.00 - 15.15  


15.15 - 15.55 


 Jianguo "Jack" Liu (Michigan State University)  - bio 


Jianguo "Jack" Liu is an ecologist focusing on sustainability and global connections and interactions (‘telecoupling’). He will speak on “Telecoupling, sustainability and resilience in the post-Covid19 perspective.” 

15.55- 16.15  


16.15- 17.00  


 Stephanie Hare  - bio 


Technologist, political risk analyst and historian, will discuss the future of cities and her forthcoming book Technology Ethics which explores how biometrics and other data central to smart cities relates to our privacy, civil liberties and human rights. 


Friday 5 February 2021 

9.00-17.00  PARIS 

8.00-16.00  LONDON


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This event is organised thanks to the financial support of the British Embassy in Paris